About Me

My name is Joseph.

I grew up a Catholic Christian in Malta. At the age of 22, having become skeptical about Christianity, I started reading books about Christianity, philosophy of religion, Christian apologetics and atheism. I now consider myself an atheist.

How did I become an atheist?

This was a gradual change for me. It began with skepticism about and the outright rejection of various beliefs I was expected to believe in, including the truth and relevance the Biblical Genesis and some of the Church’s claims about homosexuality. When I was 20, I found and listened to debates and arguments given by the ‘New Atheists’, such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. In this way, I was introduced to the ongoing debate between Christians and people who are skeptical about the truth of Christianity. After a time, I moved past the ‘New Atheists’ and looked even deeper into the issue, and Christianity simply failed to keep me convinced.

About This Blog

theincredulouslamb reflects the interests indicated outlined above. I have a vision of this blog being useful to its readers, with useful links, analyses of arguments, reviews of books and so on. I aim to be fair to both sides, to admit my mistakes, and as far as possible engage with contemporary material about questions related to my interest. In this way, I hope to make this blog a worthwhile read.


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