To start with, I don’t think I will finish reviewing Reasonable Faith. I had two chapters left to blog about, but there isn’t anything worthwhile I can write about them at this point, other than summaries, and William Lane Craig’s debates on the resurrection (which can be found on Youtube) will give you a much better picture of these arguments than my summaries would. I would like to analyze these chapters in some detail, but currently I lack the requisite background knowledge to evaluate them. I’ll be able to post reviews of Letters to Doubting Thomas and The Christian Delusion very soon. These are somewhat easier to review, but I doubt there will be much in terms of analysis on my part.

I’m also setting up a Bibliography page. This will host books I consider worth reading, if you’re interested in religion, philosophy of religion, Christianity and other related topics. Some of the books will be easier than others to read and I’ll point these out. Note, that not everything I read will immediately make into the bibliography, and there will probably be books that won’t make the cut.


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